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 Bike Rental in Palermo Buenos Aires 

Bike Hire Boutique in Palermo Soho, 
the bohemian & cosmopolitan
Buenos Aires neighborhood

Practice sustainable tourism & sport, cycling new bycicles at only 5 minutes from Bosques & Lagos de Palermo

Amazing Bicycle Rental spot with FREE WiFi, Charging Point, Watter Battle Refill Station, Luggage Storage & Coworking Area

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 Best Google Review in town 
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 All Payments Methods Accepted 

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Bike Rental in Palermo:


Manawa Bike Rental is the most recommended place to rent bikes in the City of Buenos Aires. Just 5 minutes by bike from Parque 3 de Febrero (also known as Los Lagos and Bosques de Palermo), between Plaza Serrano and Plaza Italia, our Bike Rental, which has 7 years of experience in the bike rental market, has the best score in the Google search engine. Our location in Palermo, which is a meeting place for travelers from all over the world, has free WiFi access, luggage lockers, spacious coworking offices and three terraces with lots of greenery and sun to relax after work or a bike tour through the city. 

Manawa Bike Rental is also just a few minutes by bike from the neighborhoods of Belgrano, Colegiales and Chacarita, the latter selected by Time Out Buenos Aires, a specialized tourism magazine, as one of the 50 most interesting neighborhoods in the world. Chacarita, in addition to housing one of the largest cemeteries in Latin America, where you can visit the mausoleums of great figures of Buenos Aires culture such as Carlos Gardel, Anibal "Pichuco" Troilo or Gustavo Cerati by bicycle, is a neighborhood with a brand new gastronomic and culture offer which is characterized by its originality and diversity in the City of Buenos Aires. Chacarita is also part of the Audiovisual District, where there are many production and film companies and television channels, as well as advertising and design agencies. 

The great growth of this neighborhood, so attractive to locals and foreigners, motivated the construction of an exclusive bike lane that runs along the tree-lined Jorge Newbery avenue from the Cemetery to Alvarez Thomas avenue, passing by bars, restaurants, theaters, bookstores and art galleries, installed in old mechanical workshops, butcher shops or warehouses that were creatively decorated to turn them into unique places.   


Belgrano, in turn, is a very traditional neighborhood, with unique historical and urban value in the city. This neighborhood, known as "Caserón de tejas", named after the well-known tango composed by S. Piana and Cátulo Castillo, used to be the capital of Argentina for a brief period in the 19th century and today preserves, in museum format, some of the houses and municipal buildings (the Larreta and Sarmiento museums among others) where historical events took place such as the enactment of the law that declared the City of Buenos Aires as the Capital of the Republic. 

It is also an ideal neighborhood for cycling as it has an extensive network of bike lanes and can be accessed from Parque 3 de Febrero. Its tree-lined streets and squares offer a very attractive alternative for bicycle lovers looking to explore less touristy neighborhoods and that show a different side of Buenos Aires culture. 

For those who are used to longer journeys by bike, after passing through the picturesque Chinatown and just 2 kilometers away, they can reach the Río de la Plata and travel along the Costanera Norte from the University of Architecture and Urbanism – where was inaugurated a few weeks ago a unique ecological reserve next to the river –, passing through the Parque de la Memoria (Monument to those who were disappeared by the last military dictatorship) to the Club de Pescadores, in front of the Airport.


Colegiales, a small neighborhood that was part, together with Chacarita and Agronomía, of the lands ceded to the Jesuits during the colonial era, is the connection between the neighborhoods of Palermo and Belgrano. This middle-class neighborhood with low houses still preserves stores, bars, and shops run by traditional neighborhood families that offer a unique air to those who ride a bicycle through the streets of this very particular area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires. Finally, bikers should visit the Flea Market, a mandatory stop in the neighborhood for lovers of furniture and antiques from all eras.


​At Manawa Bike Rental we dedicate all the necessary time to those who rent our bicycles so that they can organize the best possible tour according to their tastes and preferences. We also have local trilingual guides, specialized in the history and culture of the city, who can accompany our visitors on their bike ride and see the most symbolic and well-known places, as well as the hidden pearls of this city of fury and tango. We have guided bicycle tours to the North (North Green Tour), South (South Urban Tour) and West (Cultural and Historical Tour) from the heart of Palermo Soho, the most cosmopolitan, touristic, safe and bohemian area of ​​the Buenos Aires city.

Manawa Bike Rental developed its own interactive maps for cyclists. These maps can be downloaded to the Google MAPS application on cell phones and can be consulted without the need to be connected to the Internet. This way, bikers will be able to see our personal recommendations, the more than 250 km of bike paths, tours, safe areas and tourist and cultural points of interest to pedal a bicycle. We also offer free paper maps to see where you are and where to go by bike without having to use a cell phone.

At Manawa Bike Rental we also care about offering different types of bike rental according to the needs of each client. We have bicycle rentals by the hour but we also offer very convenient promotions for five hours, full day, 24 hours or a whole week (7 days). We accept all means of payment, also payments in US dollars or euros. The rental of our bikes includes a lock, chain, digital or paper map, bell and basket. Bike helmet rental is also available. 


Our 3 bike models were designed by ourselves to guarantee comfort and safety on the ride: 26 wheeled bike, 20 wheeled BMX bike and 20 wheeled Minivelo bike. These measures seek to ensure that size is not an impediment to riding a bike through the city, whether you are a man, woman, teenager, child or baby. Whenever you feel like riding a bike, at Manawa Bike Rental we will find a way for you to do it! We have a fleet of 15 bicycles always ready to take a new visitor to our beautiful city through its streets, avenues and parks. 

In Manawa we have everything a modern bike-loving tourist needs!

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