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Feel like a real local, enjoying the most sacred argentine pass time

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We welcome you to our secret grill spot to be our guest on this eating tradition.

Following the recent trend of co-working we offer co-sharing an asado, the argentine way with the Soho touch at our Manawa Coworking Creativo secluded parrilla terrace.

We offer your own private bbq just like any porteño. This means there are no menu and no servers, just guests and hosts sharing their love for food and wine. And of course the possibility of knowing more deeply our culture and history.

Come over and stand by the fire while you learn all the ins and outs of barbecuing the local way. Everything from the history to the fire to the chef secrets.

This supper is the mother of all suppers in Argentina. It ́s a sacremental ritual witch starts at noon and ends at sundown.

This experience is all inclusive and it includes one bottle of wine and water per guest as well as the following:

  • vegan & veggie option

  • chimichurri, sausages, skirt steak, strip of ribs, sirloin steak, sweet breads, blood sausages, green salad, tomatoe salad, potato salad, grilled veggies, mate, dulce de leche, ice cream

  • chill out terrace, ping pong table, hamacs, music

  • english spanish french portuguese catalan german spoken

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+54 911 6294 9063 // +54 911 4191 5052


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