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Explore Buenos Aires with a local trilingual expert


aprox. 13km/4hs 

Suitable family. Relax time! Connect with nature & the Costanera Norte del Río de la Plata (the widest river in the world). Barrio Chino, aristocratic neighborhoods such as Belgrano, Nuñez and the River Plate stadium. Las Heras Park, Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden & the galactic Planetarium. Reserva Ecológica, Buenos Aires Playa, Parque de los Niños, Ciudad Universitaria. Shopping in Arcos outlets, Mercado de Pulgas (second hand market), Plaza Mafalda. Aeroparque. Bars, restaurants, the Rosedal, lakes & woods of the bohemian Palermo Soho & Hollywood. 


aprox. 16km/5hs 

100% porteño! Enter the city of Furia, with its chaotic cobbled streets, tango scent & bohemian culture. The port of La Boca & its court, Caminito, Usina del Arte, Barracas, the combative Plaza de Mayo & the political Casa Rosada & Cabildo. Centro Cultural Kirchner (the biggest in Latinoamerica), San Telmo & its bars, Retiro Train Central Station. Ecological Reserve & Puerto Madero, our newest neighborhood. The Cementery, Iglesia del Pilar, Plaza Francia, Centro Cultural Recoleta & BA Design Center. Libertador Av, the Floralis Generica sculpture, MALBA, National Library, National Museum of Fine Arts, Monument to Eva Perón, the giant Avenida 9 de Julio, the BA symbol Obelisk and the Teatro Colón with one of the best acoustic in the world. 


aprox. 20 km/8hs 

A unique place in the world! It serves as a base to visit the rivers of the extensive Paraná delta. We arrived in the Tren de la Costa. The old fruit trading port of the city, the Puerto de Frutos & its handicraft market. San Isidro Cathedral, The Museo del Mate goes through the history of this traditional Argentine drink & has a mate bar. The Paseo Victorica is a romantic seaside promenade along the river with numerous rowing clubs & restaurants. Boat ride. 


aprox. 10km/5hs 

Different Buenos Aires: The goal of this experience is to open doors that take us to get to know and understand Porteña culture, visiting historical and representative places and interacting with its inhabitants. Cultural identity is also defined by others' eyes. That's why this interactive experience is meaningful touches.

The idea is to start in the Chacarita neighborhood and its cemetery, where the remains of the great singer Carlos Gardel are, who was the maximum symbol of the migratory current of the late 19th century, who sought a better future in the Pampas and always influenced Rioplatense culture.

From there we will go to the School of Agronomics, one of the most important green spaces in the city and which will serve as a frame to explain the Argentine Agroexportant model that produced a great economic and demographic boom in the 20th century and review the present day of Argentine public education.  

A few meters from there is the picturesque Barrio Cortázar, where the great Argentine writer lived.

Then, we'll visit the labyrinthine neighborhood of Parque Chas, with its circular streets and low-rise houses so typical of middle-class neighborhoods that workers were acquiring during the country's industry.

Finally, we will arrive in the aristocratic neighborhood of Belgrano and its tree-lined streets with unique villas, squares and markets.


aprox. 4hs 

Feel like a real local, enjoying the most sacred argentine pass time… Asado.

We welcome you to our secret grill spot to be our guest on this eating tradition.


Following the recent trend of co-working we offer co-sharing an asado, the argentine way with the Soho touch at our Manawa Coworking Creativo secluded parrilla terrace.


Off course you may choose to go to the many restaurants in BA. What we offer is your own private bbq just like any porteño. This means there are no menu and no servers, just guests and hosts sharing their love for food and wine.

Come over and stand by the fire while you learn all the ins and outs of barbecuing the local way. Everything from the history to the fire to the chef secrets.

This supper is the mother of all suppers in Argentina. It´s the reason argentinians wake up on Sunday … it´s a sacremental ritual witch starts at no and ends at sundown.

This experience is all inclusive and it includes one bottle of wine and water per guest as well as the following:


  • chimichurri, sausages, skirt steak, strip of ribs, sirloin steak, sweet breads, blood sausages, green salad, tomatoe salad, potato salad, grilled veggies, mate, dulce de leche, ice cream

  • chill out terrace, ping pong table, hamacs, music

  • english spanish french portuguese catalan german spoken

Manawa Tour Manager

I am a musician, language teacher, and student of economics at the University of Buenos Aires. I live in Buenos Aires but also lived in Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and the United States. Portuguese is my second native language. In Argentina, I studied Italian in high school and perfected Portuguese in the Professor and Translator of the Superior Institute "Live Languages".


I also have an advanced level of English as I studied in particular, in school, and worked for 6 months in the US. In addition, I lived in Spain for 3 years, where I worked in tourist places such as the Costa Brava and Barcelona and was in daily contact with tourists from all over Europe. 


In Argentina, I worked as a tour coordinator for the Whats Up Buenos Aires site and also founded my company Deltasur, dedicated to ecotourism in the Tigre from 2007 to 2014.

Since 2019 I`m Experience Tour Manager at Manawa Coworking & Bike Rental


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