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  • Schedule
    Mondays to Fridays from 10 AM to 7PM Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays from 11AM to 7PM Ring the bell & wait.
  • What do I need to rent a bicycle?
    Be an adult. Leave a deposit, for the duration of the rental. An original and current official document as Return Guarantee: ID, PASS or Driver´s Licence. Also 200U$D as deposit is accepted. The payment is in advance. Prices are in CASH. Card 10% extra. Sorry about that, but Argentina´s economy sucks... Also everybody needs to sign the contract bellow at the shop: MANAWA BIKE RENTAL / I HEREBY DECLARE THAT: 1. I am physically and mentally capable to use this means of transport. I am over 18 years old. Weigh less than 100 kl. Sorry about that. 2. This rental agreement serves as a letter of payment and sufficient receipt. 3. I acknowledge that the bicycle and all its accompanying elements, including the helmet and the padlock, are given to me in perfect condition for the purposes of a rental service. Therefore, I take full responsibility of the aforementioned items throughout the rental period and I agree to return them in the exact same condition they were given to me. I also agree to return the bicycle and its accompanying elements within the established use period, and at the same location where I picked up the bicycle. 4. I agree to be fully and exclusively responsible for any damage, accident, wound or bruise that I may inflict on myself while using the bicycle, as well as any damage that I may happen to inflict on others. 5 . In case of theft or robbery, or if the bicycle is damaged upon return due to misuse, MANAWA BIKE RENTAL may execute the rental contract, being the present document enough for the purposes of sworn declaration. 6. In case of theft or loss of the bicycle or of any of the accompanying items provided by MANAWA BIKE RENTAL , I will be charged a FINE of: Bicycle U$D 300 / Helmet U$D 15 / Padlock U$D 20 / Key U$D 5. 7. In case of THEFT I agree to file the report at the appropriate police station. 8. I agree that upon picking up the bicycle I will pay a U$D 200 DEPOSIT AS A WARRANTY or produce a valid ID that will be returned to me at the end of the rental period. 9. I agree to use the bicycle complying with all the road regulations and to use bike-paths when cycling within central CABA (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires). 10. I agree to use all safety and security elements that were given to me: helmet and padlock. I will not leave the bicycle alone in the street. If necessary I will tie it correctly to a post with surveillance. 11. As a user of MANAWA BIKE RENTAL , I accept the terms and conditions set herein, both generic as well as specific, and I do so after reading such terms and conditions. The present contract is given the character of executive title with all its effects.
  • Can I rent for 24hs or more?
    Yes you can. Be an adult. And leave, for the duration of the rental, an original and current official document as Return Guarantee: ID, PASS or Driver´s Licence. Or just bring 200 U$D as deposit. The payment is in advance. We can send you the bill via e-mail. CASH (DOLAR PESO EURO), CARDS, PAYPAL, BITCOIN, MERCADO PAGO) We will ask for your Whatsapp or Telephone number and local adress to be in contact for any urgency.
  • What does the price include?
    Includes: Bell, Interactive and Paper Map, Padlock & Basket. Extras: Helmet, Picnic Kit, Lantern to ride at night.
  • Deposit / Guarantee is valid to rent?
    A guarantee will be required for you rent that can be made in cash (U$D 200), or leaving the ID, Passport or Driver's License that will be returned when the bicycles are delivered. DO NOT Photocopy.
  • What Payment Method is accepted?
    All payment method are accepted: CASH (U$D AR$ €URO), CREDIT CARD, BITCOIN, PAYPAL, MERCADO PAGO. It is paid in advance. If you need the bill, we will send it to you by e-mail. Warn us! 10% OFF in CASH
  • Can I book a Bike?
    Yes, by paying the rent in advance & confirming the time you will come to look for it. Always contact us to confirm schedule & stock by Whatsapp +54 911 4191 5052. We can send you the bill via e-mail. CASH (DOLAR PESO EURO), CARDS, PAYPAL, BITCOIN, MERCADO PAGO
  • Is it necessary to wear a Helmet?
    In Argentina it is mandatory to wear a Helmet to ride a Bicycle, but nobody cares. We DO recommend it. In case you do not want to use it, it will be at your own risk. We have Helmets for you to rent.
  • Is it safe to ride a Bike in BA?
    Yes, Buenos Aires has a cycle network of more than 200km that makes it safe when it comes to riding a bike visiting all the places of interest without having to mix with traffic! You also have to pay great attention to taxis & buses, they are not very friendly. Link to Interactive official map + BA bikeways:
  • What is the maximum weight that bicycles can support?
    Our bikes support a maximum weight of 100kl. Please don't compromise us. Apologies.
  • Where do I keep the Bike in case of rental for 24hs or more?
    Bike must NOT be left outdoors at night under any circumstances. It must be kept in a secure indoor environment. If you don´t have, find a car garage. Optimal inside your Hotel or apartment. If you do not have a safe place to store it, you can search for a indoor Car Garage & lock it there. Or bring it back here and look for it in the morning.
  • Is it safe to tie Bike on the street?
    DON’T leave Bike in the street unattended. You are obliged to lock & secure it correctly to a post (frame + wheel) in an illuminated & safe area. Ask a local resident or nearby police. Don´t lose visual contact if you make a stop-off. Bike must NOT be left outdoors at night under any circumstances. It must be kept in a secure indoor environment. If you don´t have, find a car garage. Should the bike be lost, damaged or stolen, you will immediately assume the costs of its replacement. Ask for our Bike INSURANCE (optional) before renting. PENALTY FOR LOSS OR BICYCLE THEFT = 300 U$D
  • Damage. What to do in case of technical problems?
    We do NOT have a rescue service. If the Bike is damaged, your options are: A - return and replace it here, FREE of charge. B - have it repaired at any local Bikeshop at your own expense. C - leave the bike in a Car Garage & bring back the key. Contact us to give details of its location so that it can be collected as soon as possible. Contact us: +54 9 11 6294-9063 // +54 911 4191 5052
  • FREE Luggage Storage / Guardamos tu Equipaje GRATIS
    You can leave your luggage with us, we will take care of you while you explore the city. Puedes dejar tu equipaje con nosotros, te lo cuidaremos mientras exploras la ciudad.
  • How do I book a TOUR?
    ASK FOR AVAILABILITY: You must connect us via email or Whatsapp at +54 9 11 6294 9063 //+549 11 4191 5052, at least 24 hours in advance to give us time to notify one of our bilingual guides. If the guide confirms, you should approach before to pay in advance. All payment methods in advance. We can send you the bill via e-mail. CASH (DOLAR PESO EURO), CARDS, PAYPAL, BITCOIN, MERCADO PAGO
  • What happens if I do not deliver Bike before closing time?
    You must pay the difference for an extra day. Never leave the bike on the street alone. Always contact us at +54 9 11 6294-9063 //+54 911 4191 5052. We will be concerned about you, waiting for you, so please let us know!
  • Civil Liability & Limitations
    The Client must to be over the age of 18, with full responsibility for both injuries sustained to themselves and others during the rental period. Whilst we provide a helmet at no additional cost, it is your decision to use it. MANAWA is not responsible for claims for accidents or personal injury to The Client or their property, third persons or their property, or any losses or damages that may occur outside the control of MANAWA. It´s the responsibility of The Client to respect the Argentine traffic laws. By renting our bike, you are subject to the terms and conditions above.
    Nicaragua street 4817 - between Borges and Thames streets. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whatsapp/Phone +54 9 11 6294-9063 //+54 911 4191 5052. 3 blocks from Juan B. Justo 4 blocks from Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 5 blocks from Plaza Serrano 6 blocks from the subway line D, station Plaza Italia 7 blocks from Ferrocarril San Martin, Palermo station 8 blocks from Av. Córdoba
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